Quick Fix: Broken “Select All” Checkbox in Tabular Forms

I recently came across this problem in APEX 4.1 and thought I’d post the solution here for the benefit of others, since the solution is quite obscure.


The “select all” checkbox in an APEX 4.1 tabular form only selects the first row.


Background color for checked row and/or Background color for current row in the report template used by the tabular form must be populated.

These values are passed to the initReport function that initialises tabular form variables. In APEX 4.1, if both of these values are not set, initialisation doesn’t take place, which compromises other tabular form functions, including those for row selection.

The reason I don’t normally set these colour values in my APEX themes is because I prefer to separate structure (templates) from style (CSS). This approach has many benefits particularly when applying multiple skins to the same APEX application, as is the case with my Echo Theme for APEX 4.

It’s a pity that omitting such a trivial and misplaced colour value should have such a negative consequence. Fortunately, the value can be set to “null”, which fixes the problem without committing theme developers to a hard coded colour.



Stephen Blair is a freelance artist and designer. He has created numerous websites including those selling his own vector clipart and APEX themes.

4 Responses to “Quick Fix: Broken “Select All” Checkbox in Tabular Forms”

  • Patrick Wolf says:

    Hi Stephen,

    just looked up our bug database. This is bug 13563513 – ROW SELECTOR IN TABULAR FORMS WITH THEME 20. The good news is that it has been fixed in 4.1.1


    • That is good news. Was the fix applied to theme 20 i.e. colour values set in report templates, or has initReport been updated to preclude the need for colour values entirely?

  • Patrick Wolf says:

    Haven’t looked at the actual code changes, but based on the description in the bug it was not theme 20 specific. In the future we should probably go ahead and just add a CSS class to the highlighted rows.

    • More classes would be a nice enhancement. I look forward to it! Cheers Patrick.

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