Freelance Oracle APEX Developer for Hire

For the past four years I’ve been working with Oracle APEX and this blog demonstrates just some of the things I’ve done. After working as an APEX contractor for a year, I’ve decided to go it alone and establish myself as a freelance Oracle APEX developer trading as Silvercore Solutions Limited.

There are various benefits to using freelance developers, and APEX lends itself perfectly to this model. As a rapid development tool, APEX allows you to develop a fully functional application in just a few weeks; recruiting an APEX contractor can take much longer. With contractors you are often tied into a long-term contract and also have to pay high agency fees. As a freelance developer I don’t have any of these drawbacks. You can hire me for anything from a day upwards, there are no agency fees and no lengthy contracts and because my overheads are so low my rates are very competitive. In fact, there are so many benefits to using freelance developers I’ve written an article on it here.

Currently I’m working on a demo application to compliment both my Silvercore Solutions website and this blog. This will showcase some of the many innovative things you can do with APEX, including moveable regions and jQuery and extJS integration. I’m hoping to get this up and running in the next few months, but as I’m doing it in my free time you’ll have to bear with me! In the meantime, if you have a requirement for an Oracle APEX developer, APEX consultancy or training, or simply want to find out what’s possible with APEX, then please get in touch to discuss what I can do for you.


Sara Blair is a freelance Oracle developer with over 10 years Oracle experience. She has been working with Oracle APEX for nearly 4 years since htmldb 1.5, and is available to hire through Silvercore Solutions.

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