Free Money! Affiliate Program Launches

I recently announced the launch of, my new joint business venture with my husband Steve. At you can buy and instantly download high quality stock APEX themes. Our themes feature Interactive Report styling and unique designs very different to the dull themes that ship with APEX.

Following on from the website launch I’m very pleased to annouce that we have now launched the affiliate program. Join our affiliate program and earn generous commission for promoting on your website, blog, forum or anywhere else you like!

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between two websites whereby the affiliate refers their visitors to the merchant’s website and in return receives a commission whenever that visitor makes a purchase. Cashback and price comparison sites are driven by affiliate commissions and many well known websites like Amazon run affiliate programs as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win scenario. Affiliates are not required to pay any fees or enter into any agreements but are simply paid for results: the more visitor’s you refer the more commission you could earn, with no limits.

So how much could you earn? We pay a massive 20% commission on every stock theme; that’s currently UK£10 for every theme we sell to a customer you reffered! Referrals are valid for upto 3 months, meaning if a visitor you refer returns to our site within 3 months of the original click you still earn money!

There really is nothing to lose. Join the Affiliate Program now!


Sara Blair is a freelance Oracle developer with over 10 years Oracle experience. She has been working with Oracle APEX for nearly 4 years since htmldb 1.5, and is available to hire through Silvercore Solutions.

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