Accessing /i/ using FTP

When I recently upgraded to Windows 7, which includes Internet Explorer 8, I found myself unable to connect to the images directory on Oracle APEX. As I write a lot of JavaScript code I often need to access the /i/ directory. This is only a problem for installations that use an EPG, i.e. Oracle XE (which I’m using) or Oracle 11g.

I would normally connect the first time using web folders in IE which would then add the location to My Network Places in Windows Explorer, however IE8 doesn’t have web folders. When you go to File > Open, there isn’t an option to open as web folder. So I tried to add a new network place myself. Having selected “Map Network Drive”, clicked on the option to connect to a website, entered the URL for the /i/ directory, windows told me that it appeared to be invalid. I checked that the database was up, but it still wouldn’t let me create it as a network place.

So I decided FTP was the easiest option. I’d always used the network place option, so was a little wary about setting up FTP. But it’s just three simple steps.

  1. Download and install Filezilla. It’s free and open source.
  2. Log into SQL*Plus as system and check to see if your FTP port has been set on your database. To do this run:
    select dbms_xdb.getftpport from dual;If this returns zero then set the FTP port by running:
  3. Now run Filezilla. Select File > Site Manager and enter a New Site. Enter the IP that you use to connect to APEX and the FTP port that you set up in step 2. If you don’t want to be prompted for a username and password, also enter the username and password you would normally connect to the /i/ directory using. Now click connect.

You should now see the /i/ directory listed in the right-hand window. Using Filezilla you can easily drag and drop files into the /i/ directory and create, delete or rename folders within the directory structure.


Sara Blair is a freelance Oracle developer with over 10 years Oracle experience. She has been working with Oracle APEX for nearly 4 years since htmldb 1.5, and is available to hire through Silvercore Solutions.

4 Responses to “Accessing /i/ using FTP”

  • Vikrant Sidhu says:

    Hi Sara,

    This was very usefull indeed! I had the same issue. Thanks :)

  • Tony Andrews says:

    Thanks, Sara. For the second time this year this blog post has sorted me out!

  • Jeff says:

    I had this working as well and was using Filezilla to access my /i directory. Then I installed the Apex 4.1 upgrade and I’m no longer able to connect my 11gR2 instance via FTP through anything but DOS ftp. Have you tried this and had any luck?

    • Sara Blair says:

      Hi Jeff

      Apologies for not replying sooner. I have just upgraded my database to APEX 4.1 and can still connect using Filezilla. I’m running an Oracle XE database, which might make a difference.

      Sorry I can’t be more help, but this does still work for me so hopefully you can resolve your problem.


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