Name: Sara Blair

Occupation: Freelance Developer / Director at  Silvercore Solutions

Location: Northamptonshire, England, UK (About 60 miles from London)

I am a freelance Oracle APEX Developer with over 10 years Oracle experience. I have been working with Oracle Application Express for 4 years, since htmldb 1.5. Recently I’ve worked on large and small commercial APEX applications, being involved from the initial stages to software deployment. These projects have involved enhancing APEX with extJS and jQuery UI functionality to provide a rich User Interface. I’ve also integrated a number of web tools with APEX using JSON and XML.

Although my background is as an Oracle developer, working with PL/SQL and Oracle Forms and Reports, I’m also comfortable working with PHP, MySQL, plain HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, XML and a variety of other tools and languages. I’ve also converted a large commercial application to APEX, which was written in a language that I couldn’t understand! And not only have I developed APEX applications, but I’ve installed APEX numerous times on various platforms, provided APEX training and documentation, developed ‘proof of concept’ demonstrations and applications showcasing APEX and pushed APEX to do some pretty amazing things.

Oracle APEX provides a platform to develop professional cost-effective web 2.0 applications, with the power of an Oracle database behind them, that integrate seamlessly with other web tools. I’ve yet to find anything that can’t be done in APEX and am excited by the possibilities. I hope this blog helps other APEX Developers or at least lets them know that they are not alone.